Monday, February 18, 2013


October 4, 2012
For the last one week, I've been hearing from frustrating friends that they had to spend not just money but time and effort to 're-do' their home after moving in for two to three years. I experienced the same after just moved into my then new apartment for about a year.
As a young adult buying a new home, I didn't have much money to do a lavish renovation to the apartment. I didn't felt it was necessary to change the floor tiles, re-wire any electrical point or any of that sort. I believed that I've bought a place which all I need to add on to the apartment were the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and repainting the wall.
Just about a year later, some tiles in the dining area decided to 'errupt'. It scared the hell out of my sister in law as she described it as horrifying. And today, I experienced something I thought was an earth quake. First I heard these loud cracking sound that went on for like ten seconds. Then this sound as though the ceiling dropped onto the floor kind of loud thumb. I really thought my neighbor the level above me who had just finished their apartment renovation last week did something that made my ceiling cracked. After the shocking sound stopped, I saw that my floor tiles from the living hall to the passage way into the rooms were all cracked.

It is disappointing to find out that you've paid so much for your house or apartment before moving in and two to three years later, the tiles 'erupted'.
So why do these things happened? 
When laying of tiles, there is a need for proper tiling method. There is also the need to select proper tiles and brand. The cracking of tiles or eruption of the tiles happened when contractors:
  1. Did not apply a correct method for the specific type or brand of tiles selected by the client. Different type of tiles require different types of method.
  2. Fail to mix well the cement adhesive, cement bonding additive, and cement. Failing to do this also create the hollow sound when you knock on your tiles.
A person who never experienced these stuff happened to them would not know how frustrating this can be. Looking for a contractor to do or buying the replacement tiles may be easy. But, what's frustrating is:
  1. Looking for contractors who are willing to do small jobs if you are replacing only a few tiles.
  2. Buying replacement tiles to match the existing tiles.
  3. If you want the floor to look nice, this means replacing all the existing tiles. By doing so, you have to spend money buying tiles and engaging contractors. You will also need to have someone home to look after your stuff that is in the home. And if you are working, then you will need to take leave just to do so. Since you are living in that place, the amount of dust due to the hacking of the old tiles. Oh....not forgetting having to move your furniture into other areas of the house.
It is advisable to check the existing tiles of your new premise. Get a professional advice. And if you can afford, it's good to change the tiles before moving in to avoid the hassle later.