Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's been a while since I last post on the activities of Clover.

Pictures paint a thousand words. Take a look at the works done by Clover the last couple of months.

Nail Cottage in Kota Kemuning

Fixing the hose and wash basins on the raised up platform
The fully white wall and ceiling brings out the colour and design of the laminated floor and upholstery 

Keeping everything simple and easy to upkeep
Pretty pink for the ladies who will be coming to do their pedicure

Suria Kinrara Apartments

Super small kitchen space
Exposed piping on the ceiling a a large beam in the middle of the kitchen space

The living room space
Hacking the wall to adjust the water inlet and outlet

Measuring it to scale so that the wash basin is well connected to the water  outlet and the hose/pipe to the water inlet
Hacking the wall for wiring - lighting and the cooker hood
After the proper wiring is done, it's time to conceal them 
Fixing the kitchen cabinets

Sufficient lighting is always required in the kitchen. We also recommend the Eubiq system . It's worth your money.
Small space but BIG...you know what I mean. The client loved it
The living hall