About Company History & Milestones:
Clover had a humble start as a single sole-proprietor interior design firm in 2011. From small beginnings, we started with fixture installations, crafting furnishings and renovation works. Over time, word of us got around and we larger projects began landing on our desks. Since then, Clover grown to be more than just an interior design firm and we have now expanded subsidiaries and able to deliver much more than before. Clover is now taking on projects to build major commercial and residential constructions.

Clover was registered as a Grade 7 contractor of the Construction Industry Development Board'(CIDB) and Ministry of Finance (MOF) in 2014. Clover is currently undergoing the process of getting and ISO 9001 certificate from SIRIM QAS.

About Stephen (Co-Founder and Managing Director):

Stephen's very passionate about design and building, and has been hands-on in the industry for the past 4 years. He always updates himself with the latest in concept design, soft furnishings, furniture, household appliances as well as fittings and fixtures.
Existing clients find that they can depend on his knowledge, expertise and experience to provide the best solution and advice for their needs.