Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kelana Mahkota

The owner of this apartment rented this place for quite some time to different tenants the pass 10 years. The last tenant was irresponsible and did not take care of the apartment at all.

Take a look at the simple makeover at RM30K
- repainting (walls, ceilings, doors, grille)
- base kitchen cabinet
- 2 units of build in wardrobe
- rewiring 
- lighting, fan and air-conditioner installation
- plaster ceiling
- half length full mirror in bathroom
- cleaning

The original condition of the apartment before renovation

exposed air-con wiring

the walls are discoloured

the kitchen condition

the yard. Grilles were dirty and rusty

the kitchen floors and walls were tainted with dirt and rust

leakage from the ceiling

the main living area

The works

Measuring the ceiling drop

Hacking the wall for the air-con piping
Re-do the water inlet and outlet

Plaster Ceiling work in progress


Base kitchen cabinet installation

The finished outcome

The completed kitchen cabinet.
We chose lighter colours to give the kitchen a brighter outlook

The transformed living hall

A different angle of the kitchen
Gave a thorough cleaning to the kitchen and the yard

cleaned wall as the wires are all hidden

simple wardrobe as per requested by the client

full mirror onto the bathroom wall